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Winter Edition

Winter Pest Inspections

During the winter month in Virginia most people free their mind of most pest issues. Out of site, out of mind. The reality is that insects are out of site but still there. Many outdoor pests find refuge in the soil or under bark or simply die off. But for the rest, the pests, they attempt or successfully find warmer climates to spend the winter. This means your house or any heated structure. This is why Brown exterminating offers winter inspections for pests. Let us explain.

spidersMany feel that winter pest control is a waste of time and money but inspecting and or continuing pest control service in the winter months can be an investment that gives you a great advantage once the weather warms up.

For many homes, there is access for the small pests such as spiders. Spiders can find the tiniest of spaces to gain access to your residence and will set up house within your walls or in your attic. Although most spiders are very beneficial to our environment, few people want them in their house. After spending all winter in your attic, as the weather outside turns warm, they will emerge. Not just the ones that snuck in last autumn, but their entire new family. This is one reason we provide attic inspections and services for treating spiders during the winter months to reduce infestations when spring time rolls around.

Winter inspections and treatments can also greatly reduce ant issues in the spring by maintaining a barrier in or on the structure as well as the yard. It is more cost effective to maintain a treatment program throughout the cold months than to battle pest such as fully energized ants in the spring when their numbers are established and they are in your kitchen.

Mice. Winter Pests That Can Move In To Stay

Rodents, such as mice, can also be a problem when the weather turns cold. They come inside to stay warm and sometimes decide to stay if they find enough food and water to survive even when the weather warms up. We get inquiries all the time when the weather turns cold about mice infestations. If the appropriate measures are taken, mice can be exterminated inside a home or business and usually treatment methods can be established outside to keep them out. Mice may become visible in living quarters where you will either notice where they have eaten or gnawed on something, see droppings or actually see a mouse running along a wall and hiding. Mice may access your home and you never see them. A mouse may be perfectly happy in a crawl space or attic where you do not ever see them. This is another reason a winter inspection is a good idea.

mouse, mice exterminationDuring our in depth winter inspection of your home we will look for signs of rodents in the more inaccessible places in your home such as your attic and crawl space. If any evidence of any of these pests is found we will notify you of them and provide a plan to get rid of them. Brown exterminating utilizes the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to exterminating and pest management. This approach combines habit, habitat and life cycle knowledge of the target pest. Combined with common sense practices and modern pest control treatments to rid your home or business of pests with the best results and least amount of effect to the environment or its non target inhabitants.

We can also provide a full attic treatment for all insects possibly wintering in your attic. This includes ladybugs, cluster flies, box elder bugs and stink bugs to name a few. These treatments and inspections can be important to prepare for spring time insect pests and considerably lessen chances of unwanted infestations.

Last but not least, the colder months is your chance to get your house ready for spring. We can identify and seal pest entry points, and use various pest treatments to create a barrier around your home. The three things that cause pesticides to break down are light, heat, and moisture. These factors are less of a problem in winter months, which means our treatments will last longer and be ready when warmer weather arrives and pest populations begin to swell.

Our comprehensive winter services are performed by a well-trained and licensed technician. It is an important part of protecting your home, and keeping it pest free all year long.

Termites Work Through The Winter

Termites are a crafty bunch, living below the freeze line in the soil and in your nice warm home. They do not hibernate, they work right through the winter and so do we. A winter termite inspection will make a termite infestation obvious and save your home from months of termite damage, the inconvenience of termites swarming in the spring and the issue of them creating new colonies. Inspections are free.

termiteIn the summer when exterminators are very busy it may be harder to get an inspection immediately. Realizing you may have a termite issue because they have swarmed is waiting to long as termites only swarm when they are well established and ready to create new colonies near your home. It take a colony about 5 years to get big enough to swarm. By this time the termites have probably caused damage to the structure.

Upon thoroughly inspecting your property we will either report that no evidence of termites has been found or that termite activity has been found. We will report where and what can be done and provide a quote. If termites are found in your house or other structure on your property we can provide options from high tech baiting systems to applying chemical barriers that will kill the termites and prevent new colonies from feeding on your home or building. Once a termite treatment is completed we offer a warranty to keep the property termite free and schedule yearly inspections to make sure the treatment has continued success. Brown exterminating offers free inspections that will give you peace of mind. .

Winter Pest Prevention Tips

Winter pests typically want to be outside but become a nuisance when they begin to make themselves at home. The best practices to reduce winter pest infestations is to make the environment that they need to survive less hospitable. By removing food, water or heat sources you can greatly reduce winter pest infestations yourself.

  • Keep leaves and other organic matter away from the exterior
  • Trim trees and bushes away from your home
  • Seal small cracks or spaces around your foundation
  • Place screening over attic vents
  • Insulate attic from living quarters to cut down on heat exchange
  • Keep food sources sealed such as cereals and grains
  • Make sure window and door seals are tight
  • Practice common sense sanitation

Call Brown Exterminating

Call Brown if you have any pest issues in your home or business. We will schedule one of our trained and licensed technicians to inspect your property, identify the pest and provide you with options to manage your pest issue. Pest inspections are free. We can provide immediate and long term solutions to keep your business or home pest free and safe from unhealthy or potentially damaging pests.


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