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Mosquitoes, Our Planets Most Effective Killer

biting mosquito controlWorldwide mosquitoes are responsible for almost 2 million deaths annually through their spreading of diseases, mostly in third world countries. Mosquitoes in North America spread Zika virus, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and St. Lois Encephalitis. Over 200 species of mosquitoes are in the US and over 2,500 species in the world is a pretty daunting number. Let us help you reclaim your property with a mosquito reduction program.

Our customers who employ our mosquito reduction program are, for the first time, able to enjoy the outside of their homes day & night without the annoyance of being a mosquito feeding station! Brown Exterminating is Public Health licensed and trained to treat mosquitoes. Upon inspection and recommendation to treat the area for mosquitoes we will also recommend ways to reduce breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Using life cycle and habitat information we can derive a plan to greatly reduce the mosquito population around your home. In most cases giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your outdoor areas.

Mosquito Control:

Initially we will conduct a site survey and inspection. This includes an inspection of your property and adjacent properties, if possible, to identify possible mosquito habitat. Conducive mosquito conditions will be documented and corrective measures outlined. We will proceed by performing a treatment of all vegetation and other harborages. This will eliminate the mosquitoes currently living on the property. The key to the success of our program is the use of a mist blower which release a fine pesticide solution that gets to the areas where mosquitoes hide and live. When a mist blower is used to spray vegetation, it turns the leaves over to expose the underside, which is where mosquitoes rest during the day. When they rest on the treated leaves during the day, they die. This combined with breeding site treatment and or reduction will provide very good results for reducing mosquito populations. Applications are repeated monthly, April through September, to give superior control and reduction of the numbers of mosquitoes. Finally you can sit out in your yard and watch the sunset without being eaten alive!

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